The Mantario Hiking Trail in Manitoba's Whiteshell Provincial Park

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The Mantario trail is about a 60 kilometer backpacking trail that runs north to south through the spectacular Canadian Shield and beautiful boreal forest close to the Manitoba/Ontario provincial border. The trail is located in Manitoba's Whiteshell Provincial Park (except for a short stretch that crosses into Ontario). It offers a memorable wilderness experience for experienced backpackers.

It is a beautiful trail with incredible views, and is intended for experienced, prepared backpackers. The landscape consists of majestic rock outcrops, bogs, marshes, lakes, rivers, streams, beaver dams, forest. The trail is located in the Precambrian Shield -- also sometimes referred to as the "Canadian Shield". The land is made of some of Canada's oldest rock. It looks a lot different now than how it has in the past. About three billion years ago, it was a mountain range. Relatively recently (about 11000 years ago) it was carved and scraped out by the most recent ice age. It is now part of the great boreal forest region. The boreal forset includes such tree species as jack pine, trembling aspen, balsam poplar, black spruce, white birch, white spruce, balsam fir. Wildlife that can be found along the trail includes beaver, muskrat, snapping turtles (wetlands) black bear, fox, skunk, many bird species (including balk eagles, osprey, gray jays and various owls).

Families often will hike in to the first campsite from the south trailhead (left at the "old airport tower" fork in the trail).

A wildfire in 2016 burned an area that the southern part of the trail passes through -- from north of the first railway tracks up through Caribou Lake campsites as far as the South end of Marion Lake. Here is a map showing the area the fire affected.

More useful information about the trail

Mantario Trail Info Pemmican Trails provides excellent information on trails in and around Manitoba. Includes print-quality images of a Mantario Trail map.
Mantario Trail Map You can purchase a map of the trail from Manitoba Conservation. Of course, the map is a must-have item for anyone planning to hike the Mantario. It is a topographical map and includes campsite-to-campsite trail descriptions, distances, and travel time estimates. Don't forget your compass!
Whiteshell Regional Weather Current conditions (when available) and 5-day forecast from Environment Canada. Of course, weather is somewhat unpredictible in nature, so don't rely on the forecast, and prepare for the worst!
Mantario Plant List Great list of trees, plants, mushrooms, etc that you can expect to come across in the SE Manitoba Boreal Forest region. Compiled by Charles Burchill, Manitoba Biologist (Botanist).
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